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Hi! We're a pretty new server with friendly people! We're a role-play server that welcomes beginners and experienced role-players, our server is centered around the Harry Potter series. We are very welcoming of new members and hope to see you there!

This server is mainly a political hangout place that allows discourse and occasional debates. Join to have political or casual chats, with a very friendly/tight-knit community and staff!

The Democratic People's Republic of Discord is a server for any and all, that is shaped by your suggestions and votes.

The worlds first anarchy discord server.

This server may not be focused on one thing as there are many aspects in life why no many in a server.

Nitro. Memes. Poketwo. Fame. Glory. Community. All of these you can find down here. Come on over and meet our members; we don’t bite! (unless we still have teeth)

No rules to non moderator users. Lots of bots too many to be honest. Please keep nsfw thing's in the n-s-f-w channel. You can use the bots at will. Recommend bots you might want added and ill consider your request with other mods.

Animelove is a server not only Italian but global, everyone can come and have fun with your friends, chill, anime, gaming, other. What are you waiting for? give a look, maybe you will not regret.

MemeKord has been around since early 2018, We are a nice chill gaming community and want to help gamers find more friends to play with or just in general have someone to talk to. We are seen plenty of youtubers and streamers in our community.

Just one of those Hangout Server.

An RPG like danganronpa were you need to guess the killer. Class trials and fun bots!

We are a new server, if you join it would make my day!

Have you joined a stock group and the alerts have cost you money and time? They give you little to no insight into the alerts they call out and you are expected to invest? That is gambling that is not investing. We are here to help build a team.

►*What's Flexツ server? ~Flexツ is a Gaming Community where you can meet New People, Get to know them and play games with them

Kingdom Alerias is a community server dedicated to writing, roleplay and development of your characters! It centers around kingdom life mainly.

Warzone group to play and chill out together