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Where Betting Becomes Easy | The Ulimate Sports Group

Chemical U is a gaming hangout server. Chemical U will be the #1 server on Discord. In Chemical U we will do many different things: Host eSports tournaments, play in eSports tournaments, hold Roblox training, hold CODM training, clan wars, and more.

Please don’t be prejudice and keep nsfw in nsfw other that do whatever!!!

Our community is a fun loving group! We are mostly easy going & fun! However, as much as we enjoy the shits & giggles, we occasionally dabble in discussing politics and our mods enforce respectful debates. Our members come to hangout and enjoy each other.

Minecraft Guns Factions Server

unite many soldiers so that they can achieve their one and only mutual goal of bringing peace, balance and prosperity to this great temple! Everything is allowed!

Bureaucracy is an American Mock Government which starts in the year 2020 where you can be a member of the US Government, either a member of the legislative, judicial, or executive branches! Shape public policy to your image when you participate!

FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system descended from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), which was based on Research Unix.

Really? A description? I don't have time for this! welp I do my best I guess.This is Nerdathon. Yes I know people don't like nerds. But that's kinda weird isn't it? We are very accepting in our modern society and I believe nerds are more than just smart

Fire emblem discord dedicated to Stahl from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

Well, well, well welcome to Safe Haven a place for trolls, weeabos, waifus, aristocrats, and the gentry. We dont discriminate and some might say we just started!

Share your photography of aeroplanes Talk about aviation What’s your favourite plane, and have a Boeing and Airbus chat talk !!

A Lanota based server that focuses on what the users want. We have webhooks and public moderator bots! Double verification to prevent raids.

Welcome! Ice Cream Cult is a casual and safe space for youth worldwide. Here we chat, post images, and hold various events. We hope you enjoy it here!

A place for people into DDlg and The sugaring kink to all have fun! This server requests a verification) to make sure all are members are safe not not prone to be scammed! Have fun spoiling or babying your little! (bdsm centered Ddlg centered)

A chill server for chill chats, anime, manga and making new friends!