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Based On Omniscient Reader

The only discord that looks at order flow, gamma, derivatives, forex and more. Learn how to make money with stocks, options and futures.

While the server is small and new (11/27/20) come join and help our magic based RolePlay Community! A kingdom of magic where humans, anthros, and other creatures alike can come together and have their own adventures! Other things like art and events too!

In this server you can buy Hypixel Skyblock Coins for cheap [as low as 0.45$ per million] and join giveaways and get rewards for inviting to get free coins, the best hypixel skyblock coins shop you'll ever find • Ton of skyblock coins in stock

We play all sorts of games together so come and join the fun, maybe you'll get special rewards the longer you're here such as free games and more! What's not to like huh? :)

Brand new server for Pokemon trying to make a close group.

Hangout Make some friends play some games watch some movies

Hello! And welcome to RCS. In this server we steal clothing from people who upload them on www.roblox.com And its really simple

Live in a country named Arus. Build your own lifestyle! Earn money for free! Meet new friends! All by joining this server!

A server based on Kimi Ga Shine by Nankidai! Personal Roles of beloved characters or floormasters you adored from the game and miscellaneous roles for the artistic bunch! You’re not limited to only YTTD here; all rpg maker game fans and etc are welcomed

Welcome to Heaties, a genuine Gacha heat server! We offer: Friendly staff and members, places to post your heat edits, fun activities, a simple verification system, lots of mods and admins to keep the server safe, announcements, and more!

The Among Us Hide N Seek community is happy to meet you, this server is meant to connect to strangers or friends to play Hide N Seek in Among Us.

Creative Brew is a support network for artists, engineers, designers, videographers, makers, and creators.

Learning Google What is Learning Google? Learning Google is a server specifically for helping people understand and learn all the cool unknown and complicated features.