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Riot's Community Discord is a Discord server to chat with friends. You can use bot commands in #bot-commands channel if you desire, and you can use our ModMail system to contact staff if you need any help. Currently looking for members! Make sure to join!

Seeking a server where you can play and talk about games with other people? Then you've found the right server! In this server we have a wide variety of games and topics that we'll gladly talk about and play with you. More info in our page.

Small new rp server with host and monster, come join!

In this server you can talk with other people that like Trainz! Ask for help about everything about Trainz, even custom content!

I like cactus. Don't join if you're just gonna leave instantly

✘GTA5 Modding Community ✘Unlock All's ✘Money Lobbys ✘Friendly Community ✘PC ONLY ✘Shop: https://shoppy.gg/@Bam © 2020 Secret Money Service

A people-first, classic-at-heart gaming community dedicated to empowering members & connecting people.

Hello, I have made a new server with talkative and friendly people. Our server focuses on clash of clans, such as clan advertisements, layouts, tips, and a great community! If you don't play clash of clans, that does not matter!

Brand new Minecraft skyblock server looking to grow and expand currently look for more players. Server Release is May 16th at 2:30 pm Est.

-CCG, Leading in Xbox gaming, we offer a nontoxic growing community, occasional giveaways, events, and video game groups. -Our most prominent game would be Overwatch with our up and coming league, teams, scrims, casual events and more!

A chill community for Genshin Impact players! For tips, helpful people, memes, and more! Even a NSFW bot if that's your thing :3

Marengo is our “clan” that we all associate with across many games. We are just a community of people wanting to have fun together and play games.

we play games (like Minecraft, among us, etc.),listen to music, have movie nights, joke around and have lots of fun its a fun place that you could make friends fdbjk (growing sever still working on it!)

Modern Warfare/ Current CoD server. Host tourneys and leagues, as well as provide scrim finder chats, 10s chats, and more! Join to chat, sign up for a tourney, or sign up for a league!

Ever wanted to join a friendly community of my hero academia lovers with it's own unique lore?,My hero reborn would be the place for you then! In My hero Reborn you can have friendly conversations,share your art,Or roleplay with the many other members!