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Art, furrys, foxes, and... boxs?

Hello and hopefully welcome, This server is a psychology science based server that seeks to help people overcome addiction, or just help them change habits and behaviors. This server uses the stages of changes model.

The Anonymous Party is a scam operated by Ellen Mahmood and Jacob Sazonov. They are attempting to hijack the name Anonymous for political purposes and money. Several activists have been attacked by this group of people. Join us and speak out!

Go crazy just trying to get more members in my server, anything goes.

Welcome to psychsupport we cover most aspects of mental health, this is a comfortable chat room where we can relate to each other and support however we are not professionals.

a gaming with history server with interesting Events

A server that welcomes everyone, we play games and chat,we play lots of games,mincraft,PUBG,roblox,all kinds of games! HERE WE OFFER: [Friendly Staff] [Music] [Sometimes giveaways] *And lots more*

Snow Beast Gaming is a friendly and welcoming community of gamers. We decided to create this community to allow people to join and make new friends, hang out and ultimately have a laugh!

A server consisting of many video games, cultures, and communities which are always ready to talk at any moment!

The official StudioNOVEGA Discord server. Are you a creator? Game developer? Gamer? TPS aficionado? Perhaps a Team Fortress 2 fan? You might want to stop by! 😎

A server I am developing and trying to make it into a nice experience for all, there is no swearing and that is all I ask, be yourself and enjoy all the chats! We are also accepting feedback and server ideas.

If you play rainbow six siege then this is the server for you! we have rainbow six stat bots,chill players and more! You can even make some new friends!

Nook Crossing is an active and growing 13+ community focused on three themes: family, friendship, and community. Come join today, and show us how you Keep Crossing!

Hello there! Welcome to AyeTheBlueBall's Safe House! Here you can grind coins on dank memer and meet amazing people and staff! In this server are tons of dank memer coin giveaways! We currently have 31 members and 11 bots. If you will join you won't regr