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A server celebrating all things Steampunk, including an optional bi-monthly book club.

The rp team is a server for roleplay -weekly themes -active mods -active server -mods -diferrents types of rp And more!

Welcome To The Caves Of Madness We are a community of Lowlifes, Rejects, Degenerates, and Occultists, Here to hang out on our breaks, wait for bills to come up, and just hangout, chill and talk about the outer gods and what their plans for us are.

Official balkan discord server

This server is always active and full of fun people! We have lots of Bots and Stickers so you're never bored! We are currently only welcoming new members that are under 20.

This server is basically about EVERYTHING. You can talk with people, have fun with bots, there is a (small) economy. Much more probably.

We are an ABDL/CGL/Petplay/Kink/BDSM chat server for littles and Bigs! 18+

a chill server for people who love among us, come hang out and play with new people!

https://youtu.be/ODqYQXOpg1c ⚜Poetic Rhyme⚜ 🎶Lyrical Junkies 1🎶 🔆Rhyming Freaks🔆 🕯Poetry Addicts🕯 🏘Writing community🏘 •◇•Discord server where writers can meet new writers and grow from one another•◇• https://discord.gg/CyKUcMy

This is a minecraft discord server for the minecraft server: Purpleprison.net

Discuss with other DCUOBot users, post suggestions or ask questions to the staff.

NERDBOT brings you all things Nerdy with a focus on bringing you original content ranging from Fan Films, Live Stream Shows, Gaming, Movies, TV, Cosplay and Nerdbot Events. Welcome the The Nerd Side Of Life!

we are a fallout themed server. we love talking about fallout and its lore.

A small chat with no real focus or agenda. Join us if you like talking to others. You can talk about anything and everything. Or you can use the bots instead of talking with others.

Herukan Official is the official Support and Fun Server for the Herukan Bot.

❤movie nights run by my friend Gabe ❤motorcycles allot of motorcycles ❤venting channel ❤music hangout nights ❤meme channel ❤nsfw memes ❤Gaming nights run by Gabe ❤friendly mods