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Welcome to Succ Inc, a server about worldbuilding and particles, with a memeish atmosphere.

Cracker Connect (trademark pending) is a server where you can connect with fellow crackers. Whether you're chilling on minecraft with the boys, or furiously slamming your semicolon key while writing c++, you are more than welcome here.

We are a government simulator based off the United States. We have fun debates and elections that give people a taste of being a senator, rep, or President.

Want to find new friends? We are a group of friends who want to meet new people! We mostly play Among Us and Minecraft. Please join and hangout with us!

A smol community for anyone who wants to talk to people. We are loose with the few rules we have, Harrasment and Promoting suicide is an Insta-Kick. We are always open for (constructive) criticism and feedback!

Join this amazing server for the best talks and fun moments. Meet new Pakistani people and view various different ideologies and cultures within Pakistan. DAILY LIVE STREAMING ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL invite.gg/ppgs

You should join now if you want fun! 😀JOIN NOW!😁 ➡We have good moderators! ➡Good bots! ➡Good ranking! ➡Tons of voice and chatting channels! 😃Please join we need members!😃

We are a bunch of people from all over the world who play games, watch anime, talk about pets and enjoy talking. We prioritize our members comfort and update the server often to fit the needs of those members! There is always staff online with DMS open!

Noodles is a hangout server where you can vibe and chill.

Join my group of friends who hangout and talk about memes and dreams, this is a chill sever where everyone is welcome to stop by and hangout

We are a Minecraft Network with some amazing gamemodes! Amazing staff, amazing builds and amazing gamemodes!

CGLRealms/Red Room is an 18+ BDSM/CGL community focused on the community. Our staff is friendly and there to assist and interact with our members. We are one big family and would like to invite you.

₊˚ෆ ✉️┊・꒰ *an owl approaches your room’s window. it drops a letter inside and flies back outside. you tip toe over to the letter and open it...*

The Eclipse is a No Man's Sky Hub that unites everyone from Bounty Hunters to Explorers. Together we will build a name for our origination in the No Man's Sky community. We will own every industry and we claim territory all over the universe!

Heyo! I’m Blade And I Have A Brand New Server Called Blade And Buddies! Now Blade And Buddies Is A New Server That Is In Need Of New Members! We Have Multiple New Friendly Friends And More! If Your Willing To Join Make Sure To Read The Rules!

So right, this server is really good because it it has such good memes and can help you in terms of computer stuff and that, so I would join if I was you.