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This is a chat made for gamers, but you can do other things than just talk to gamers on here!

Welcome to Sunny Side Hangouts! We do many giveaways events and meet new friends!! Some giveaways will include in game rewards and ranks! Hope you come on and join us and meet new friends!

What is YGG Token? YGG Token is a social currency ran on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), the currency can be used for a number of things such as purchasing rare one of a kind art pieces (NTF’s)

Highbell Heights is a small town in Kentucky. This role play takes place in 1984. Feel free to chat, send memes, role play, and have fun! - Owner (Ollie)

Come make friends and play games! Welcome to everyone.

A new server that focuses on all aspects of nerd culture. The server serves as a place for everyone to socialize, game together, and take part in events and giveaways. Help us grow the community and come make some friends. Thank you!

Rihimihi is fun friendly server for all Weeb and Gamers!

AnimeHub is a server made to provide Anime Enthusiasts around the world a place to connect, make friends and have a great time.

We are an advertising server with over 50 channels to advertise YOUR server! Tags: Partners, Growth, Giveaways, Advertisement, Media, Promote, Listing, Social Media, Partnerships

Join for an ultimate roleplay experience!

Tech and Chill is about programming, and hardware. We accept anyone with any level of expertise in tech. So, come and join.

World History  is a discord server for people who live and breathe history. The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events.

Verixel is an extremely new server based around BDSM and e-dating for people who are members of a gaming community, especially towards league-of-legends.

Gaming Community/Streamer discord Heavily into Destiny 2, Siege, Dead By Daylight, Temtem, and more!

Over 500+ members who game in a wide variety of genres.

Join Profane and embark on a journey you wont forget! You will be able to try this arcade shooter beta, take part on a unique team driven metagame and much more. Are you ready? Come join us!