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Café Lounge is a brand new Community! ˚         ⊹           ·       ✺ * ·          ✧    ⋆    · * . · . The Lounge is a chill community, where you can meet new friends! * ·          ✧    ⋆    · * . · . x Server Economy x Friendly Staff Team Enjoy!

ovn discord server


welcome to ovn! this server is dedicated to hanging out and chilling with other members. this community is a semi-toxic place, with semi-active chats. we host events such as game nights, movie nights, etc. we are growing fast and looking for partnerships

--- Join in a community with other like minded producers! --- This EDM community offers: ✅ Free samples ✅ Free Presets ✅ Free plugins ✅ Promotion channel ✅ DAW Specific channels Need advice or have a question? We have a channel for that.

Gaming community with an active player base and a Rust, Five-M and a Mordhau server. Come join!

💊 Public & Whitelisted Drug System(s) 💉 Advanced Medical System 🎙️ Toko-VOIP and Public Radios 🚓 Whitelisted Police w/ Upcoming Departments! 💼 Custom/Applicable Business' 🏘️ 500+ Purchasable Houses and FREE Motels 🏧 Usable ATM's around the map

A-jax is an anime retro themed server. We focus on hanging out and just talking about anything we want and anime of course. We have fun things like game bots and special roles to keep people entertained, even a server shop and a member of the week role!

Milk is a gaming community that we recently started where we mostly main gacha games

A place for wandering thoughts, free-spirited soul, and everything else under the sun We Are a Non-NSFW and Active server ...with fun people, Events , Interesting channels..and a lot more

Tu cherche un serveur actif ? new ? avec des roles perso ou a gagner ? Eh bien bienvenue 😄 ici tu trouvera, de la nouveauté, un staff a l'ecoute, une communauté active, des quizz, des giveaway, des events, et plein d'autre surprises ;) FOLIE = 😜💎🎉

Transparent Traders exists to solve the critical issues facing our traders, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help traders

The Gamer zone; talk about games, talk about your new Playstation games. Every game or game Console is welcome here! Who doesn't love gaming? What's a world without gaming? Nothing. So, just come to the GamerZone!

A fun community where you can chat and have a good time. I don't have a Youtube channel yet but when I do you get a custom rank for being here before the channel starts.

Hello and welcome to my Discord server! I created this so that members of my fanbase can network with each other and find like-minded individuals to befriend. Definitely give this page a quick look through just so that you can make the most of your time.

Vinck is a chill Discord server where you can hang out, talk with friends, and make new friends! ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➤ 400+ Members. ➤ Lots of giveaways! ➤ Self roles. ➤ Self-Promoting/Partnering. ➤ Verified role to avoid spam bots. ➤ Level system! ➤ And more!

Welcome to Koneko Fan Server! We are are an unofficial server full of fans of Koneko Kitten! So come stop by and talk with other fans in this new server! Listen to music, chat or even show your art. The choice is yours! Come join us!

♦♣°-.Come and have fun and join our server. We don't bite, we have a lot of lewds and nudes to keep you comfy.-° •.°18+ verification perks°.• •.°Anime watch nights°.• •.°No judgment on this server°.• •.°Have a different channels for your needs°.•