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Hey! We are a small but active community! We have partnered with many people and are looking forward for new members! We welcome all and if you like to relax or talk to people we are here for you, come join and relax in our church!

Amazing people in this server! We've had the honor to have Activisions very own Marketing Director check us out! We play many range of games and welcome anyone new or pro, but be at least 13yrs of age. -PS4 - Call Of Duty -Modern Warfare -And More !

An 18+ gay furry male dominated place to chill, make new connections, and form amazing memories. We strive to keep our community connected with Game Nights, Movie Nights, Art Contests, and so much more! Come join us today, you can get a free cookie ~ ✿

Hey, Welcome to my GTA Online modding server. In this server i do free money drops and i also have some cheap recoveries if anyone is interested! Expect some recovery giveaways aswell.

The most Chill sever in the world m8.

A community and resource for witches, occultists/spiritualists and empaths alike!

TAKES PLACE IN 1984 Since 1971, David Scott Mustaine has always wanted to be a doctor and help people out with their mental problems so he began taking some classes and then in 1983 he decided to build his own asylum called "Orion Asylum"

I made this server for people who are tired of not being their self, this server you can be yourself and nobody will judge you. Please join my server if you are looking for a server where everybody is welcome.!!!

Under construction...

This server is a friendly, welcoming support server for the Airbus Bot. The server is a large community of coders, Airbus Bot users, friends, and many more people. We are an enthusiastic community that welcomes everyone and we hope you will join!


Egy kicsi de növekvő discord szerver

A new modpack based on MCEternal!

Rejoins le serveur Discord "Disney [FR]". C'est un serveur qui rassemble toute la communauté Disney en France, Suisse, Belgique, et autres pays francophones.

A server for helping developers and artists or for people who just want to talk with other developers.

Under construction...