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Hello, my server is based around minecraft and computers. In my server you can put memes in the meme chat. You can also talk about pc specs in the pc tab.

Discord server for the upcoming Roblox game "JoJo Fighting Simulator".

Hello, If you're reading this I'm asking for you to join. This is a small server looking to join, it's chill and made for making friends and hanging out. Hope to see you there

β™₯ MovieStarPlanet β™₯ We're a friendly, safe and wholesome community where you can make friends and share your talent!

This is just a server that's based around my community and friends, we're really chill so you don't have to be active on the server.

π™‘π™žπ™—π™šπ™¨ is a community focused around everything anime/manga and much more No it's not just anime and manga. A lot of other off topic talks are also welcome in this server! We also have NSFW channels as well! Join us

⁃ Weekly Watchlist ⁃ Professional chart analysis ⁃ Entry/ exit price ⁃ Access to Discord group - Member alerts - 1-on-1 mentorship - Monthly Giveaways

Just a small server to chill and have fun

Current Update: [BETA] V 1.3.6 Want to make some awesome friends? Become a writer, fashion designer, barista, teacher, and so much more? Or even run as mayor! We've got it! This is Discord City, one of the most interactive roleplay city's out there.

Le Anime is a server for people of all types! Weebs Gamers and more. A safe space to chill out and vibe. We have music, bots, contests, and pro lgbtq+ areas!!!!! A nice staff with kind members! so what are you waiting for join now!!!!!!

here at the mung shack we have an oompa loompa bot that finds rotten eggs and crams them down a series of pipes and chutes, sending them to a full yeet out of our little sanctuary. guaranteeing you β€œthe consumer” the highest grade mung juice concentrate.

chat about random stuff and make friends :3

Friendly 16+ server welcoming magical practitioners from all walks of life, practice, and beliefs- including forms and traditions typically considered β€œdark” or β€œbaneful”; lots of roles, plenty of rooms, & much more!

Discussion, memes, and more based off the popular manga/anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! We're a smaller community but are always welcome to new members!