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Home to the minecraft streamer / Youtuber BlazeProCool. On our server we have lots of friendly staff, fun bots, events and giveaways. Our community is active family friendly and has been revamped very recently. Join now!!!

The Bleeding Typewriter is a cozy 16+ writing/critique group for writers of all experience levels. We have couple general chat channels, six writing channels, and two bot channels. Our server is mostly SFW, but we do have one NSFW writing channel.

A Christian server with the ultimate mission of reaching people with the gospel while being a safe and friendly community for Christians first. "And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."- Mark 16:15

From the Kingdom of Faerghus to the Adrestian Empire, or even from the Leicester Alliance, the Officers Academy calls for you!

Wanting to play LSPDFR with Friend's but can't? We are a Community with servers built around Multiplayer capabilities to make that happen. Code 3 is a Fivem server that uses FIVEPD Game mode to make it possible.

Fortnite Wager Discord

We are an LGBTQ+ friendly community-based server for people 25 years or older!

chair chkir chaick

A server for people who love idle/incremental games.

“Death tore the school asunder, parting it down the middle in what could only be described as a manic effort to fix a problem that had nothing to do with the school’s infrastructure- but would be solved by a change in it.”

A Hangout For Gamers, Like Me! Looking for gamers? Feelin' lonely? Then join the Gamer Hangout Today and start having fun!

Mineraftia Universe Founded By Mineraft Is A New Dimension Where People Join Have Fun. We Also Sell Logo Artworks At Custom Rates Which Makes People Affordable At Any time. We Also Play And Do Gaming Server Like Roblox, Minecraft Where We Enjoy And Play

A server where you can share your memes, show your great intellectual skills and just have a hot dog in peace.

If you like American Football then this is the right group for you!

Gaming Gamers is a group with a consistent sense of community. Here you can talk about all your favorite subjects, self advertise in our media channel, and meet some people that are pretty dope.

We're a LGBTQ+ friendly gaming server for players looking to make friends, play games, play rated/competitive with other in the same rank, and just have fun. We only have two rules, and it's to be kind, and always include other people.