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Welcome to Summit! We're trying to start a gaming group with a focus on Call Of Duty, but all games are welcome!

Are you a depressed no life? Than this is the perfect place for you! In T.W.S.G you’ll have soulless conversations guaranteed!!

Small community hoping to grow a family of friends who can connect and bond with each other!

Thats right! Highbury RPC has made a return! Better than ever before! We are currently looking for members old or new to come and join us with the fun within this fine and fun community to experience all different roleplaying experience!

A growing server with an international community to chat and have fun!

Welcome to Crypt's Chill Basement, We are a welcoming and friendly community with multiple minigames, custom shop, music bots, galleries, meme chat, suggestion zone, weekly movie nights, private snapchat group linked to the discord, and more.

Star Wars: Tales of the Old Republic is the LARGEST Star Wars AU roleplay server content-wise. Rolls-modifiers combat, 10 factions, 37 planets/moons, 39 playable races, OC interaction-focused progression, helpful staff, balanced content, and more!

🔔staff always listen to you and are always active 🎉 giveaways and drops 💰our own money currency for buying real life stuff 🎮we alert you when there is a good game FREE on Steam, Epic Games or Uplay

A safe space for people to vent and interact in a fun and friendly environment

Just A chill anime roleplay server

This server is dedicated to the process of making a new game similar to DnD through a community effort.


A new community based server looking for the edgy side in people. Come join!

We have sections for • Service Advertisements • A Server Marketplace [ Closed Being Revamped] • Discord Server Advertisment Area*l We will be adding fun discord bots soon There’s also a section to advertise your social media’s*