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Fortnite scrims server for practice in middle east hosted by Yunite and contains a mayhem elite ladder

Axmyo's hangout! A new community looking for active members!

Official server for the Arabic cooking channel Tafaneen Dodo.

Discuss anything minecraft related Find out about new servers Advertise your minecraft server

Hello. We’re a global community of privacy-minded builders. We’re trying to protect the world from surveillance and control. People here are helpful, funny, and kind. They care about freedom. Are you one of us? Hop on.


Just for sharing memes

its a fun place where people talk and have fun, WE ARE ACTIVE

We are a small advertising server with great potential. We like any kind of member as long as you follow the rules! :)

Come join our active and welcoming community! No racism or hate allowed! Have fun with bots like Dank Memer, counting, and Trivia! Engage in political debates with other members! Participate in our events and giveaways!

A Discord server dedicated to Meteorology! Anyone from a Weather Enthusiast to Professional Meteorologist is welcome. Discussions range from severe weather and storm chasing, to winter weather and even the tropics. If you are interested in Weather: Join T

A discord server that started off as a way to get all my friends in one place.

Welcome to MystiaMC! We are a new and upcoming Geopolitical Earth server! On our server we utilise many cool and unique features to help us stand out among the crowd. We have many game-changing features and plugins for everyone to enjoy. Join today!

We are a safe and non-toxic community. PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch users welcome. Join us and find your place amongst the rest of us~

Latvian / English server for everyone that enjoys gaming in build up state

Mostly just games. Join if you wanna find people to play with. IDK, Lets have some fun ig.

A welcoming gaming community with not weird mods