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Hey! Welcome to Frazz's Furries. We just kinda hang around and talk about furry-things. We like furs and none-furs alike. We share our art and suits, and we also have commissioners. We have some roleplay channels for you to use and much more.

↳ if you’re looking for a place to pass the vibe check in, then you’re at the right station! our wholesome members would like to greet new members joining us with an honour.•◡•

Official Mark Sixma Discord Channel

A welcoming gaming community with not weird mods

ロ ・low mod ・ ー ・ lowkey toxic ・ タ ・minimalistic ・ ス ・aesthetic ・

Chill clean group to chat with other fans of the Raincraft Minecraft server, and maybe even talk with the members!

Omanlaatuinen ja rakastava yhteisö. Tajuat kyllä, kun selaat /pol/ tai /free_speech/

A welcome place to chat and vibe

Konnichiwa! Do you like anime/manga? Are you lonely? Well try joining nemuke! We are a SFW and LGBTQ+ safe community semi-based off of Ms Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid! We hope to see you there 💕

A fun Gameing Discord server for roblox games.

A server for Aussies all around! Want to chat with other Aussies, or find a new Aussie ranked squad? Join Melton South Community Discord! (not affiliated with The Melton Council)

Friendly server A vibing safe space :) make friends

A newly started minecraft community, with focus on a factions based server without claims. The servers name is "Hidden Chaos" and is coming soon™ we hoping to launch it in January. We have an active discord server and lots of helpful staff.