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Invite link:https://discord.gg/PjBAAC8

this is a futuristic game where currently 12+ devs are working on making a large scale map where realistic simulations are possible along wit many other possibilities, you can become a dev yourself or donate to us, you can even suggest things

A server for chatting with friends or meet new ones!

hello there, come join us! ➷ we're a cute, growing server, with a nice community ➷ this is a chill server, where you can chat with other people, talk about anime , watch movies together, game and become friends ➷ 13-17 years old

This is a server for Avatar!

Cubyx Team Network | Minecraft Bauteam - Bungeecord Network für Kreative Köpfe!

A place to feel included, social and just all around hangout during the corona virus quarantine!

The following things we have listed: Representable Self-Roles Friendly Staffs YT, Twitch, and Twitter Gaming Giveaways Memes Bots Partnership Things we don't accept in our server: -Trolling -Raiding -Racism -Dark Jokes -Toxicity

Join the new Roblox community server - Leveled roles! - Roblox for all your favorite games! - Staff needed! - And so much more! Join today to make new friends and have a good time!

Come join us! Meet new people, make new friends. We also have 24/7 music with Groovy, yes, I know, epic :sunglasses:

Show off your server or ask for pm rps

-Friendly and active owner & co-owner -Pokemon bots (Myuu and Pokeverse) -Waifu/husbando bots (Mudae and Bongo) -Gaming section -YouTube section -Chat section -Meme section -Music section -Spam section -Many other bots!

A server for my fellow peeps who love an otome game called "Mystic Messenger"

World of tanks blitz YouTuber discord group

Kingdom is a community which allows you to chat, make friends and also advertise.

♡ Ever heard of Popee The Performer? If not, it's a Japanese kids show that's... mostly about them killing each other in a circus but let's not talk about that... anyways!