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Ein chilliger Gaming Server! Auf Wolke 7 findet man nur entspannte Leute und kann in Ruhe mit anderen zocken!

This is a great server for finding people to play with and also to hang out with randoms. Please at least try this server.

A friendly server open for furries, LGBT+, or really anyone! :>

The Among Us Network is a welcoming server for all ages to meet others that play Among Us! We are a rapidly growing community with active voice channels, friendly mods, and an emphasis on maintaining a positive environment for all players!

This is a safe space for plurals and singlets alike, the DID/OSDD/ect community and everyone alike is welcomed here into this positive and supportive space. It is run by a system and the two people who support them the most.

The place where people with like minded interests can just come together and talk! Make new friends and don't forget to have fun! Categories: Gaming, Music, Computers, Friends, YouTube, Arts,

Hallo semua, kami dari Server AmongUsNime mengajak kalian untuk bergabung di server kami.

Welcome to E land, where literally anything can happen here. Even everything

We are a discord server created for people to talk about the Apple Card. We offer general troubleshooting help as well as guides before you apply. We have a fantastic community of people who love Apple and have or are interested in the Apple Card!

Bedrock A Fun Rp Minecraft Server Where You Can Make Nations and Countries

This is a Discord Server for people who are interested in learning more about finances and Credit Cards. I came up with this after being a part of another tiny Discord Server and decided to create this.

TAE is a recently formed esports team, based in the CODM coummity were accepting casual players and also competive players. Feel free to join our discord.

I'm the owner of the Discord Community FruityRecoveries, we have a FiveM (FivePD) server and Minecraft server you can play on both of which are still in testing phase.

Hello we’re a group of Hotel Night workers who are honestly a bunch of pent up perves having to babysit adults. We share experiences also great if u ever need help. Hope you’ll join us NSFW