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A server for LGBTQ+ people interested to chat about current and upcoming pop music, charts, and vinyl. This is also a place to openly express who you are and be accepted while being in a fun queer environment.

♡ Fruit Cult ♡ is a server where you can hangout with friends, play games, have fun with bots and more!

Polski serwer gamingowy. Oferujemy wiele kanałów, ciekawych ludzi i ogólnie fajny serwer. Polish gaming server. We offer a lot of chats, cool people and a good server.

Just a place to hang out, make friends and commit illegals.

Hi! I just started this server but I'd like for it to grow. We can vibe, talk about anime, play games and make new friends

Come join us and help us grow Just started the server today and want to make it grow. Anyone is welcome between the ages of 13-18. We are a community and gaming server. Join now and have a better chance of becoming a staff member in the near future.

funny man, i just made this serer yesterday I has no friends doe i has fnaf at freddites and miancrfat and giantess foot vids pls join mt servedr

We Are A Growing Star Wars Community & Roleplay Servers For The Discord Star Wars Fans To Enjoy & Chat Toge 😊Friendly Staff😊 💕Ages 13+ Allowed💕 💖Available Custom Roles💖 💙Emojis Picked by Users💙 🎭RP Chats🎭 📝Fanfic, Book, and Movie Chats📝

We are a new server and will be hosting games and events the more we grow. We have applications for chat moderation, media, and becoming a member it doesn't matter if you are a new member or not.

Dating/fun server :) I have nothing to add, weebs and gamer :))) join and have fun with us

Wir sind ein Deutschsprachiger Community Discord

Server of the amazing, RoyalRest!

Hi! This is my Twitch Stream's official Discord! Come join to look for players to play Fortnite and other games with.

Looking to make new friends, and hang out? This server is just the place for you, We are a very friendly server and looking to make new friends with everyone! This server is currently dead, but we try our best to be as active as possible,

❄️ Merry Christmas! ❄️We're a new server that loves anime, anime girls, or just anything related to cute 2D girls.

On this server I stack your battle cats account with whatever you ask for.