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We mainly focus on growing esports in INDIA

Gamerland has lots of gaming stuff to offer! Join in and talk with other fellow gamers and have a great time!

This server includes advanced bots, and great staff. We have installed a bot which will tell you live updates of your favourite games. - Play with friends - Play with staff - Become a pro in gaming - Great vibes in every channel

very fun server!! this server is made for gamers we play a ton of games so come join the sever we do giveaways and much more

A server for all things related to The Binding of Issac. But with simple rules and fair mods unlike the official discord server for the game.

The LiquidGold Official Discord is a server for all of LiquidGold's viwers/subscribers to join and become part of the community. Here, you can see all of LiquidGold's Twitter posts, YouTube videos, and you can even chat with other users.

This server is a colour/element based RP server, where the colour you represent dictates what dimension you hail from. You can be anything humanoid that you want. Dragon ppl, elves, dwarves, lizardfolks, turtle people, anything! Mods needed!

welcome new Guardians to the Games LFG & Chat Happy Holidays and all new friends. We are happy you are to hang out in our party mansion.

Talk with people about anything on the server!

• Self-Assignable Roles • Games including Casino & Pokemon • Bots • Chance to become one of our mods • Giveaways

hello please join or I will cry everyday! so please join :c

Dayz Ps4 Community;)

TPG discord server


This is a server I recently made and slowly growing. Come be apart of a great community and have fun. We have fun, play games, and overall have a good time! You won’t be disappointed at all!

Rocket League Elites is a server specifically designed for those who play the amazing game of Rocket League.

hello! join if you like anime/manga or even if you don't, join because this server is really random. umm make sure that you are accepting and you're a good person before joining lmao but other than that you're free to join!

💎Gaming Nest💎 We are looking for serious and mature players! (18+ Not a must, but recommended) 🔥 Call Of Duty: MW 🔥 Borderlands 3 🔥 CS GO Faceit/MM 🔥 PUBG PC 🔥 The Division 2 - experienced raid players Come and join us! and pick your game role