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Hallo, wir sind der MonkeyzMC.de Discord! Wir sind eine Gruppe aus Menschen, die einen Minecraft Minigames Server führen und nebenbei Minecraft Projekte anbieten!

A family friendly server that has different games we all pl

We have a Public Minecraft server! Roleplay/Group Roleplay! Exclusive Handmade emotes! We have Lots of Fanfic Writers, Artists, Twitch Streamers & Content Creators lewd & sfw Game nights, Movie Nights, and other fun events!

Axmyo's hangout! A new community looking for active members!

Rapidly growing social server! Active text channels and voice channels 🎉 Chill and fun environment for everyone! 😇

NIRVANA 18+ We're an 18+ server built from a group of friends aiming to make a community. Our server has a few different ways to interact and mingle, with potential connections for each possible opportunity.

Hello and welcome to The Neighborhood! It's your one-stop-shop for all things gaming! Need to meet some new friends to play among us with? Look no further! We have tons of cool channels dedicated to all different kinds of games! See you there!

🏕️ WELCOME TO THE FYRE PIT! Sup! Fyre5tark here, and I welcome you to the pit. This is my chill hangout, where lot's of people can gather around, make some smores, and have fun! The Pit's got its own mascot / bot, too!

We host modded Cold War XP lobbies!

The PLAAF is the GeoFS air force that protects the skies of China. Enlist today or read the long descrip for more information. Don't what to enlist? then become a civilian worker in base roleplay.

In diesem Server gibt es Private Räume wo du mit Freunde, Fremde Personen in ein Raum sein kannst zum reden, spielen. Musik kann abgespielt werden. Es gibt Spiele wie z.B. Tic Tac Toe. Ein Ticketsystem gibt es auch.

Its a new server,where anything could be talked about Anime!

discord z super memami o janie pawle adiscordktywna administracja wiele kanałow tekstowych i głosowych aktywna administracja sporo botów

Welcome to Haley's Avatar Server We are a very cute and friendly community filled with lots of people to chat with. Here we serve you guys with our love and affection.

JavaScripters/ECMAScripters is a place where programmers who use ECMAScript, whether on the client side or the server, and whether they are using native JavaScript, Typescript, or even Coffeyscript, can talk, ask questions, and more!