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I have kinda taken over administrative management for server growth and advertisement so i have come here, its right now a pretty small server but its great for conversations and gaming. Please join.

A friendly kind respectful server!

Hi, all creative poets or writers I welcome you too a brand new server for poets and writers too share their work or talk about writing in general. It can also be a safe place to vent and make new friends!

This is a Fam of streamers, where we support one another!

Greetings to you dear adventurer! In this server, the center of all discussion is based on The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. There you will find chat rooms for the game, help, tips and tricks, but also modding!

we are a gfx server with a custom bot! you can hangout, play roblox and do more here! :)

Anyone is welcome. This is just a fun hangout server for any fandom originally with Undertale and Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss. Please feel free to join and make friends and gaming buddies. Can't wait to see you there πŸ’›

Hi guys, I know you want free games and free games are enjoyable. so we have created this community to notify you about free games.

Welcome to the Official Discord Server of Azure Minecraft! Here you will find a kind and loving community and support for the minecraft server! Feel free to ask questions

hey welcome to my server this is a technology and gaming serv.. have fun

This is a safe place for anyone and everyone. Come hang out :)

Welcome to the best IPTV services all over the world with more than 13000 channels. All channels are working with 4K, SD, 1080 and 720HD quality.

New small Anime community to hangout in!! Come Join Us!!

Welcome to the VertoX Graphic Squad, the place where every GFX Designer is welcome!

This is a chat,Gaming server. We have over 80 people and are looking for more. We are also looking for a staff team. So don’t wait join now!!!!!