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A new server I just made, looking for people to join and have fun!

Vibe here, talk about basically anything, recommending songs, memes, etc. :))

Come make some bread, don't stay hungry g

Come over and worship Brenda from Clover by OR3O

Welcome! This is a peaceful server where you are free to talk about anything you wish, however, the initial members have a keen interest in gaming, art, and music. So, if you are interested in any of those things, you will fit in especially well.

Looking for a place to relax, share hobbies, and game? The Good Place is all about having fun, sharing, gaming, conversation, and much more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community.

Welcom to Gigabytch Server ! Have fun and have a nice day all !

A discord server for gamers and all types of people!! 17+ preferred!! New discord server!! <3

We are a brand new, friendly, and small community looking for new members!

The internet is a place where you can talk about almost everything.

Hey welcome to Homura Yami's Space, a small personal discord server This is a server for fans and vtubers.

Welcome to the official server of Opera GX, world's first browser designed specifically for gamers! Our server is suitable for all age groups, and welcomes members from all over the world.

A collection of students, raised throughout the world find themselves in a building! After, a robotic dog tells them that they are in a killing game! With no escape, each student must find their way out. Will your character survive?

Just a server for the older lot! Have fun, chat, game and just make a couple friends here and there. Also please understand the server is not at all populated yet please stick around with us and help us grow :)