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Sushi - Official Server - or maybe not - idk

A community of over 300+

chill server with cute aesthetics, bots, and more

Among Us internatiol based server to find people to play with. Very active voice channels, find a party fast.

A whitelisted SMP minecraft server, you can apply and chat with our members in discord to join our Hermitcraft-like server

chill out and play minecraft together!

♡Aussi's Temple♡ ♡. Self roles ♡. Homework help ♡. Memes ♡. Art ♡. Trivia ♡. Vent chats & even more! ♡ xoxo

Pokelink is a new local Pokemon Go server for AZ pogo players! Here, you’ll be able to coordinate raids, meet new players and stay in-touch with latest Pokemon Go news. So join our server and help enrich Arizona’s Pokemon Go community!!!

You will 100% guarantee have fun and make more online gamer friends! maybe you will win a Dank Giveaway! maybe you will get a special role! maybe you will join our anime night! You might even become admin!

Its a ccol art server for any type of artists.

This community may be small but that doesn't mean it's a bad one! This server was constructed so people can have fun and hangout with anyone they want.

Fun for everyone. Music, art, and gaming. all welcomed! Just a spot for you to be yourself!

Hey there do you want to join a cool server with no bullying? a bunch of bots and many stuff to do? well swaggers is a perfect place for that I will be adding more stuff in the future! :-)

#1 Savings and Resell Community! JOIN TODAY

MOVIE NIGHTSSS! We host movie nights, join us and rip on B movies! Or watch good movies!

Just a server for the older lot! Have fun, chat, game and just make a couple friends here and there. Also please understand the server is not at all populated yet please stick around with us and help us grow :)