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៸៸ ♡ lots of pfps ! | # aesthetic layout ! ៸៸♡ emotes ! | # friendly community !

We got the best emojis and This is a place for everyone to come together have fun talk about anime and just relax we wanna grow and you wanna have fun so why don't we do it together join my server now and have fun with others

Global emote server. pepe's, peepo's, kekw, pogchamps, and whatever else.

A great server to get along with new people and participate in great events in the future!

Discord used by RustLOL NewAge game server.

Created For Weebs And Otakus Normies Can Join We Can Socialise

Hello! This is currently an Attack on titan themed server. We mainly talk about Aot, but also welcome fans of other animes/mangas :)

the server offers many bots like a Pokémon and JoJo's bizarre adventure mmorpg minigame along with music bots and games channels for you and your friends.

This discord server is a place where gamers anime lovers and nerds can chat and play

On this server, you can: hang out with friends, talk about gaming, participate in giveaways and events, and have fun.

Hiya! Velvet is a brand new 18+ server. Here you can send memes, share pics and much more. Enjoy your stay!

A new community for gamers and many others and if you would like to join and support it would be very appreciated

The Oasis - Hello and welcome to The Oasis. We are a friendly and supportive discord server with the goal of supporting each other.

chill server with cute aesthetics, bots, and more

Among Us internatiol based server to find people to play with. Very active voice channels, find a party fast.