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Sugar Bear ・is a small⸝⸝ neat⸝⸝ soft aesthetic themed & active server with a pretty chill, relaxed, ⸝⸝ welcoming⸝⸝ community

Komm in den ersten JRPG Server in deutschsprachigem Raum. Lasst uns die Liebe zu Jrpgs zusammen teilen und Spiele wie Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, Secret of Evermore/ Mana, Xeno Blade/ Saga / Gears, Suikoden und viel mehr nicht zu kurz kommen.

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Rhynorkis! A minecraft bedrock edition roleplay server where people can see and live in a imaginative middle-age-themed world"

A 18+ apocalyptic roleplaying server with permadeath and families. We are friendly with great staff. We host events and card games.

It's Wicked, my dude.

New years GIVEAWAY! up to 100m+ (starting 31-12-2020) 4x Armadyl godsword 5x Zamorak godsword 5x Dragon platebody 5x Abyssal whip 5x Amulet of fury 5X Berserker ring

Chat and Thread based RP server that is mostly high school/college, slice of life with a hint of supernatural flavor. Real-time. LGBTQA+ friendly, OC and multifandom characters welcome, 16 +, and lots of channels to discuss interest.

This server is a esports server. We held a lot normal and nitro giveaways. Join our server so that we can play our favorite games together

Hello and welcome to PingwiiniPalvelin! Our main goal is to unite people via gaming and social media. Our primary language is Finnish. Share this to all your Finnish friends!! Of course, you can join us wheter you speak Finnish or not!

Heya you should check out cys river house it is a small but growing server for people who like anime and video games or for if your looking to make friends so come and join :)

Come join us at the AniCafe Discord Server! We´re a small but welcoming cafeteria-based discord server with some events and engagement :) We hope you enjoy your stay and I´ll see you there!! <3

Join or else butter dog will die... :(

It’s a survivor game show discord server. Check out our Reddit post for more info.

Forex, crypto and stock traders signals and information database.

Timon is a music bot that you can use in your own server, and this is the support server of the bot to counter any bugs.