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Do you like movies? Do you like watching movies with a fun, chill, and entertaining group of people? Well, what are you waiting on?

https://discord.gg/CX6hrJkD The Spook Station is looking for new gamers and streamers who are searching for friends and a peaceful community. If anyone is interested in joining you will be welcomed and APPRECIATED.

Heyo welcome to Femboy Hooter how may I help you on this fine day! <3

Fun and aesthetic server looking to grow as a server and make new friends!!! Plus we enjoy gaming and anime so like j o i n.

Hier auf dem Server wird gequatscht und gezockt.. schließ dich doch unser Community an und tritt einfach ein Trash Channel bei..

˚.༄| Welcome to ˗ˏˋ 𝖲𝗎𝗇𝖺 𝖠𝗌𝗈𝖻𝗂 [𝟣𝟪+] ˎˊ˗ A brand new NSFW adult server looking to grow into a fun and chill community! We have ID verified NSFW content, a chill community that encourages banter, multiple roles, and more!

Forces of nature is a teen-friendly discord server where there are many people who can do different things. Forces of Nature offers a lot of choices for games. There are people who play Fortnite, Call of Duty, Shell Shock, Roblox, and many more!

This is my new community server with channels for everything we already have a good group of members but we’re trying to find more people

Welcome to Pog Town. We are a fun growing community full of fun, memes, games and many more.

minecraft- youtubers-among us-twitch streamers

team Lunatic is founded on 12/12/2020 Goal is to be big on discord more than other socials

Howdy! Were a server focused on making friends and having fun. We play games like among us and minecraft but mostly were just looking for more friends.

We Would love to have you we are a small Minecraft earth server that will have factions so you’ll be able to choose a country to be you can recruit people claim Land build up your face and try to be the biggest on the server we would love to have you

A friendly place to meet new people and game! Also share art too!

A place for people with aspergers, autism, or on the spectrum to share their interests and thoughts with others on the spectrum. Also for friends or family that have been your supporters or allies.

Bobaifruit is a small server that you can meet other type of people! (Maybe your special someone if your lucky or a new friend)!! Fun server that includes: -different types of self roles -Friendly people and staff -Fun channels Hope you enjoy