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Just a random family-friendly server. I am trying to grow this server and if you join it will help me a lot.

Welcome to Apex Networks! We just started not too long ago and are seeking new players to join and enjoy our server! We are currently dedicated to DarkRP, Minecraft, and Rust but are looking to expand to other games and game modes once we become bigger.

a 15+ server but we accept everyone <3 but you have to be at least 13 because of discords we chat & play games join for fun, advice, if your bored or anything !!

Friendly community, frequent updates, general chats, and more :)

Plz join my goal is 100 members

A fan server made by wolfgamer

Adult server with minimal rules outside TOS. Respect, fun, and sexiness. All welcome, lots to do, gaming, and NSFW fun. Verified members so you can feel safe, and considerate staff so you aren't bothered. Come and have fun!

Only memes

Do you play Super Mario Odyssey? Consider the unofficial Discord server for the game! This is a place to talk about anything Mario Odyssey .

Hello! You Should Join My Discord Server! Here Are Some Reasons To! Verification System! Partnership Channel! Many Interesting Chats! Many Bots! Custom Color Roles! Active Owner!

wholesome non-toxic community discord server for gamers & friends. owner ; Mrmoolz#2082 made ; 09・30・17 theme ; manga colours ; black & white.

Welcome to Lolis Anime Community

A more casual Barotrauma server where we do goofy stuff and have a good time.

Forex, crypto and stock traders signals and information database.

KikoGameServers is a Discord Server that hosts giveaways and sells you the cheapest gaming servers available on the market.

A Percy Jackson Roleplay server that takes place at Camp Half Blood!