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Hi this server is mainly focused on anime, gaming, and talking/Hanging out.

We are from SWGNL E-Sports and we are looking for members

veyr epci gamer sever join or death jkjk unless?

The Grace Field House is an anime hangout for weebs who have watched The Promised Neverland! We have chats that are TPN related, we want to make it as TPN themed as possible so you can have a fun experience!

A place to chat about anything and everything Boneworks!

Hello where just a bunch of otaku/weebs that are looking to build a fun and loving anime manga community. Where we can watch/read anime+manga togeher and talk about all the good stuff in it. We hope for all of us that we just meet new people and have alot

Forces of nature is a teen-friendly discord server where there are many people who can do different things. Forces of Nature offers a lot of choices for games. There are people who play Fortnite, Call of Duty, Shell Shock, Roblox, and many more!

a religion debate and philosophy server for all religion people even for atheist and agnostics

Bad Bitch Club is for all those badass bitches that want to meet other badass btches so join our club and become one of us!

Mimikyu's Kingdom is a chill chat based server with plenty of roles and channels, we have lax rules, great staff, and are completely SFW! We also have some bots such as unbelieva, rythm, reactionroles, and our very own MetaBot! We also do partnerships!

Small discord server that im trying to grow. I reworked it recently and thought some more people would be nice. Its mostly videogame related stuff. So join if you want to uwu

We will give you hacks and glitches in any mobile game you need!

HIFT is a new sever and is looking for new members its a chill place to come and talk to others and make friends

Gaming server all around, very friendly! Need people to join!

A perfect community for everyone, there are a variety of different topics that are deal for anyone looking to chat to people with similar interests or looking for something completely out of your comfort zone ^.^

We are a small server consisting mainly of Filipinos and other ethnicity backgrounds such as irish ,british ,swedish etc and we are not only looking for Filipinos in general but people from other countries.We are chill and like to talk and sing and game.