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We are a ROBLOX group focussed on the historical accuracy and the competetive, yet authentic feel of Ancient society, warefare and civilization. We are in a genre, a collection of other groups, such as Rome, Sparta, Athens and more. We are Thessaly.

Les plus fort.. Je te laisse lire la plus longue description :

Among Us takes place in a space-themed setting, in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors.

This is a server with many music bots, and mainly for music lovers, but there are also game bots, chat channels in general, and so, so much more. Prefer to be 11+.

The official Codeasaurous server. We are a smaller community that enjoy teaching, sharing, and making programs. We code in many languages and all have different skill sets. However we are not just for programming. Our community is small but we have a big

JAS or Just -A- Server is a small server full of friendly people ready to accept whoever joins. We enjoy talking to new members and playing a very diverse amount of games.

Want a new fun ways to practice and apply your Japanese skills? Come and study with us at Black Cat Japanese Translation club. We are a community more than 700 Japanese learners of all skill levels, working to translate games, manga etc.

A Chill and Fun Community for every people. Meet other people who have the same hobbies as yours like yours! We would be glad to be with you all, chill and bond with one another.

Hentai Review is a server mainly focused on NSFW behavior. We have porn, hentai (of many kinds), and just normal anime. This server was built for the people of discord to be free. I hope I see you there!

Waivly.com, The Future Wave.

Hello there! Make it Sweet is dedicated for Roblox players. In this server, you can sell your works(gfx, clothing, etc.) You can sell your work only by asking for a shop. Once you have the shop, you can develop it and get customers.

You can run as an assembly member, mayor, governor, ministry and even president. You can help solve problems in the simulator too. Do join Ixland right now!

The only discord that looks at order flow, gamma, derivatives, forex and more. Learn how to make money with stocks, options and futures.

A space for all things medieval, reenactment, and living history with community and private chats for members of the household.

we are a new server built for the soul purpose of buying and selling sfw/ nsfw content! you must be 18+ to join and we do verify age. for buyers and sellers that earn good reviews, they can earn the featured buyer/seller role