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Songwriters Discord Server is a place that lyricists, producers, singer, rapper and music related community.

Officially Discord for armored community of Armored Warfare game!

We sell a software for Valorant that allows you to climb ranks easily. Currently we have over 10 Radiants and 30+ Immortals. Feel free to join, view our highlights, talk with mods, and just chill.

⋆⋅◜In the Strawberry Farm, we offer....◝⋅⋆ ▢ A cozy community!∗ ▢ A variety of bots!∿ ▢ Events like Polls, Would-You-Rathers, Giveaways, Horoscope, and More!∿ ▢ Were an aesthetic server!∿ ▢ We have a christmas-themed section for anyone to use!∿

A Percy Jackson Roleplay server that takes place at Camp Half Blood!

A very nice and chill server that meets all your desires and puts no restrictions to you,well except spam and simps and shitty memes. You can swear as much as you want and discuss anything. Listen to music. Share your personal opinion and so on.

Сервер на котором ты можешь найти сообеседника! Играть в игры такие какие как: Roblox, Minecraft, CS:GO, GTA, SA:MP и другие, у нас уютно, и ещё постоянный онлайн

A up and coming server for rookies, to vets of the streaming, and gameing game.

a 100% sfw aesthetic server we offer: --boost perks --giveaways --fun events --sweet owners --low moderation --quick partners & affiliates and a safe place for everyone!

Group of friends that game regularly, looking to make even more friends, all welcome!

I'm not an expert with mental health but I have made a server where you can get help easily post your problems and stay unknown but I promise you will get help either from me the maker or just other people. I myself struggle with mental health and my goal

We are an AIO cook group for all levels of resellers

A fan server made by wolfgamer

Gaming and Memes. Join now!

Promote your stream, Your clan, Get Game updates, Minecraft and Terraria Server Giveaways/Sponsorships. Many news channels for gaming related hardware and games!

اهلاً 🎇Ĺèģέȵďɑ🎇 في سيرفر https://discord.gg/s64kUMf2p9