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Music Production server based around genres like PsyTrance, Ambient, Techno, Industrial, and/or any subliminal genre :) Feel free to join us and join the community.

A Roblox myth server 50+ Channels, good staff and nice community, 100% SFW and active, we welcome musicians too. We are an old community but unknown. Feel free to join or check out the server

A hangout for people 13+ with an alternative aesthetic, with plenty of self roles, active members, and gaming We're looking for new members each day, and we'd love to have you check us out! Check long description for more info!

A place for trans/trap content creators to promote their content and engage with fans!

legit a fan server for the flash game website created in 2002

This is the un-official EFT community where we gather to play Tarkov and be the true chads that we are and dominate the rats, CHAD GANG LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

A fun server to play Among Us Proximity Chat

This is were you just chill and have fun and always have someone to talk to

At the Speed of Light is a discord server where you can have fun with members watching movies and enjoying game night. As well as a variety of other things like a huge number of roles you can obtain. Come join, a fun time is waiting for you!

Art and game development fun!

-Have Fun, Chill talk about Video Games, Anime, Music, or anything really. -No NSFW Content. Other than that it's just a pretty chill small new server.Dm's Open almost 24/7.

Early 1970, Chicago sees a rise in criminal activities which slowly boosts and rises up, many organized criminal syndicates rise up for power which resulted into the families fighting each other for power, money and turf/territory. Where do you belong?

This is a server I created where myself and others can interact with the community we have built on twitch. We have dnd, pokemon and if you would like to see something added just let myself or a member of staff know 😌

We are a small community not only where you can have fun but you can also learn new things.

I've decided to start a small card opening on youtube! I believe that my prices are good and reasonable. I also not only sell sealed but also singles. Join if you want to get some packs cheap!