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ღA safe-spaceღ ☭A healthy community☭ ❅Nice Staff☼ ✎Self-assignable roles✎ :cloud: Staff Applications |-| Daily/weekly Updates |-| Active:cloud: ©️•A safe-verification system: to keep out any trolls and homophobes•©️ ✪Friendliest queer community✪

The Munyanyo Brotherhood is a new server with few members but we are looking to expand our group. We are casual gamers who want to have fun and not take things too seriously.

We're undergoing a transition at the moment (from gaming to anime) so our server activity is a bit low, we would really appreciate new members that enjoy Anime and Games alike but everyone is welcome!

Here in Zero's Community we have many channels, such as advertising, games, social, bots, youtube, media, selling/buying, and more! 🎄

This is a non-toxic server, friendly to everyone, active owner and staff members, the server includes these features: Active staff members Welcoming community Non-toxic A growing server

Just a small discord server for people who love genshin impact! Welcoming any and all new people to join us for a good time! Invite your friends :^)

Its a server for my self and its dumb but I wanted to host a server for no reason so I did I hope you like it

Welcome to Ethereal!! We are a group of friends who made a server where we post memes, talk about anime, play games (mostly Minecraft, COD Games, among us, destiny, ECT.) we also have monthly giveaways and fun events!! Come join us and get grinding :)

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course

A community based around thrifting vintage and clothes!

Level is an up and coming community with the goal of bringing gamers and non-gamers.

We are a chilled out community discord server! Whether you want to talk to people, listen to music, create memes or join the fight club? Theres plenty to do! so come and join us! :)

danganronpa server

This is a community of like-minded individuals who aspire to game, have fun, and make lasting memories.

If you're looking for a wholesome SFW server to celebrate all that is Ralsei, you've come to the right place!

Redwood Alerts & Indicators is a FREE trading group where people can gather to discuss the stock or cryptocurrency market! We also offer many benefits to help you learn and make some money! Our goal is for EVERYONE to profit! ✨ Free Alerts Daily ✨