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Mount Olympus is the home of Gods and Godesses of Greek Mythology

Hi welcome to my server, It's new and were looking for some members! Feel free to join and don't forget to invite your friends!

Hello! We are a friendly Tech server! This is a server for chatting about anything tech related. Overclocking, Intel Builds, AMD Builds, etc. We have game nights with a winning prize! Come check us out!

We Offer= -Free Rewards -Fast Response -Great Community -Good Staff

Want to own a College Football team, and scheduling their non-conference games, and leading them to victory via recruiting? Or are you interested in commissioning a conference and trying to build an elite group of teams? All this and more in the SFA

The Anime Book Club is a SFW community that combines the fandoms of anime and manga and books in one peaceful place.

This is just a small server for people to hangout on

We are all about being a close community and safe place for the Lgbtq+. If you are looking for a good support place or want to help others, this is the place. If you are just wanting those late night chats and to make some friends!

Small growing servers full of fun bots and people .Usually we chill out here.We stream on twitch and play with all the members on the channel.

we have swag and swag, swag , swaggy

linear algebra and among us

this is chillin server , fun , great , nice people , no toxic , no any negative emotions , vibin and etc and very fun

GTA 5 FiveM Roleplay Server

welcome in our discord server we will bring you entertainment and friends join now!

a community of weebs

Vtubing Bat's Server~!