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Most people here from UK ( But welcoming any people from any country ) - WE VIBE EVERYDAY - MOVIE NIGHTS - GAME NIGHTS - ALWAYS MUSIC - WE FUNNY AND CHILL - NOT SENSITIVE - bro just bop thru, it wont be a waste of time trussss

Kaiteki meaning "comfy" in Japanese, is a pastel aesthetic and lgbt friendly server looking to make members feel welcome! Interested? We have a lot to offer!

This is a server for gamers all around to chat with other gamers and or join the clan if you want and create content and if you want to be surrounded by positive people and meet new people

This is a fun community server,that is creative, brilliant and based on the world, making people feel like it's more than a discord server. With so much more, it is unique and acts like human world. Which has sets of rules

vibe play games n do cool stuff hahahahah also promo ur music and meet artist and new friends (:

Server for random shit and memes/banter *snowflakes will be kicked*

⋰ Mint green aes theme ⋰ 300+ members to interact with! ⋰ Cute emotes ⋰Icons for all to use! ⋰ Level 1 boosting

Chill hangout where you can talk, make new friends and have fun. We have Anime talk, Memes, Games etc

We are a semi-toxic fun community, we offer friendships, we offer games like ROBLOX, Minecraft, Among Us and ECT. •Please do not be afraid to be yourself in this server• !NO RACISM OR HOMOPHOBIA!

Welcome To Greencraft Servers! We Host Giveaways, Discord Challenges Like: Last To Leave Discord VC Unfortunately, We Don’t Do Prizes For Our Challenges. We Do So Much For Our Users. Current Members: 10 Join Today!

This is just a random chat where anything really fucking happens. All members have limited brain cells

Griffin Studios is a community grown from the griffin studios youtube channel! come play with like minded people who all have one thing in common. they watch gaming content on our youtube channel we always welcome new members and are looking to grow!!!!!!

For people who play games or want to just hangout

FSS is a very accepting furry community. SFW with a NSFW pass. Strict age verification, laid back staff, and nature foundation. Super fun roles included. Come join us!

Challenge your friends to see who can rake up the most amounts of cash! Join us in this vibrant and exciting new server and hang out with your friends!

This is a non toxic Rocket league Community/Team for diamond+ players. We have Free coaching, 6man scrims, and plenty of Training resources. If you want to take the next step, come join us!