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this server is 13-21(age). we're teens, we make offensive jokes, if you're gonna be a baby and throw fits about that, then you can leave (usually) chill people active chat/voicechat no heavy moderation active gamers game nights

If you wanna hangout, chill, find teammates and be apart of are server join up.

━━━━━About us! ━━━━━━━━ Hello, we are a friendly server that is currently growing and searching for people to chat and have fun with! So why not try it? If you still have any doubts make sure to read what we have and

This is a server for Politics, debating, & some gaming. We have been a Discord server since 2017 & has many different activities from Religious Learning of the Klan to education and more! Join now: https://discord.gg/88gfZbv

A server looking for active members posters or just people who want to have fun and roleplay and have fun with bots like the pokeverse one.

Please join our discord server.

Welcome to the official server for Champion's Ashes, a place dedicated to overhauling Dark Souls III. Here, you will find a comfortable gaming community and a place to learn more about our project. 2000+ Members and counting!

Αυτός ο σερβερ είναι φτιαγμένος για και είναι μέρος για την ομάδα και την κοινότητα του 4MG είναι κατάλληλος για όλες τις ηλικίες. Είμαστε καινούργιοι και θέλουμε να περάσουμε όσο το δυνατόν καλύτερα γίνετε και εμείς που προφέρουμε περιεχόμενο στο Discord

An ATS And Gaming server who Cares about there members , join us for chat and fun , Be apart of a an Awesome Community.

You're looking for a chill furry server that has a bit of everything? Then the Furry Pantheon might be the place for you :3

Discord server for the YouTuber and TikToker Sir Swizzle. We offer memes and other forms of entertainment.

JAS or Just -A- Server is a small server full of friendly people ready to accept whoever joins. We enjoy talking to new members and playing a very diverse amount of games.

CloudliteMC is a brand new Minecraft 1.16 server looking to release its first 100% fully custom OP Skyblock server! We plan to release in early 2021 and anyone who is in our discord before official release will receive a FREE donor rank for joining!

This is fortnite server which you can have fun and also talk about fortnite. There are many categories which you can talk about including stw and br. Join and have fun with us!

A fun place to be.