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We are all about being a close community and safe place for the Lgbtq+. If you are looking for a good support place or want to help others, this is the place. If you are just wanting those late night chats and to make some friends!

Want to play a game but don't have anybody to play with? Look no further! This server is meant for you! Fair warning though this server is very new so there isn't many people yet, but don't let that stop you from joining! Look forward to meeting you!

This is the group where you can study and socialize with other people :> You can also ask us questions about your modules

linear algebra and among us

Faceit boost and Csgo rank boost "If you would like to try out our service for free we offer 1 test game for free!

GTA 5 FiveM Roleplay Server

welcome in our discord server we will bring you entertainment and friends join now!

a community of weebs

minecraft for all players, great for friends and hypixel.

Worldwide server, anyone from different different countries are welcome. Have a fun time

Welcome to Sleepy Nights! Meet new friends! Talk, chill, hangout, listen to music, watch anime/movies, play games and sleep in call with anyone, moderated, with active members

Come join the Waifu hangout to socialize and have fun.

Safe space for you all to be yourselves. Fully support everyone. Just a place to hang out, chat, and show off stuff your proud of.

This is a group where we worship Doddies (Dogs) and send pics of our dogs so we can have happiness in life.

A newborn server with the hopes to bring diverse Roblox players together