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Just a gaming community trying to get others to meet others. Just come and enjoy gaming, server interaction, anime and much more!

The Art & Photography Club discord for photographers, video makers, and artists to join, create, and share their work!

Hi guys! It’s Martin and Mckayla, we’re an LDR couple who decided to open a server to be able to meet new friends, share common interests, and perhaps game with them! We hope to build a fun, kind, and wholesome environment without toxicity and hope you’d

TechRat is a new community that offers a friendly yet uncensored place, where you can ask for support, learn how a computer works, or even how to code!

Welcome to The Squad This is a place for streamers like myself and others to Collab or make content to share with a wider group, this server is to make friends and have fun, i hope you come and join my community, can't wait to meet you

We are a small roblox group, which wants to expand to other games. We are LGBTQ+ very friendly and welcome anyone. <3

We are a GREAT community!!

Basically we are a political roleplay server with a really damn slow growth, Expect to be offended because we are very offensive in most cases so liberals stay out.

This server is really fun and you can chat with people and make new friends you can also hop into VC's and do anything that follows the rules.

MisT is a new Discord server where you can meet new friends, and chill out. It's planned to be the central hub server for my side project MisT.

Hello! This is a place to talk play games do school work and just have fun!

This Is A Community Mainly Around Chilling And Vibing. If You Need Somewhere To Chill.. Come Here And Talk With A Good Staff And Chill Members. We Invite You To Join Our Hangout Area.

This server is just to hangout ig, we play CS:GO, Valorant, Mincraft, and some other games. Just a place to have fun while playing games is the best way to describe it :) (just be aware we prob aren't kid friendly 99% of the time)

We're just a group of people looking to expand, come join if you want to talk to some chill people. You can always leave if you'd like to.