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Hello! This is a place to talk play games do school work and just have fun!

This Is A Community Mainly Around Chilling And Vibing. If You Need Somewhere To Chill.. Come Here And Talk With A Good Staff And Chill Members. We Invite You To Join Our Hangout Area.

This server is just to hangout ig, we play CS:GO, Valorant, Mincraft, and some other games. Just a place to have fun while playing games is the best way to describe it :) (just be aware we prob aren't kid friendly 99% of the time)

Welcome to the server, Basically you have shrunken down around the Female characters that are from fate grand order and you must survive.

It a new sever that I just want to make new friends on and get people together

Club Isabelle is a lingerie-enthusiast social club. It's simple, Isabelle posts daily lingerie pictures, videos and literotica, along with hosting a variety of channels for chatting about everything from food to porn. 21+ for single men, couples

Here at Akari Accounts we sell Food, services, entertainment, and gaming accounts. And we strive to be the best! Check us out.

Chill youtube community πŸ₯°

join us! we're a sweet, supportive and bookloving community! we accept everyone here!

A server for people who're searching for new friends and want to play a game with them, you're more than welcome!

A community server for Blue colour.

Are you a big fan of Melee? Do you like playing low tier's just for the heck of it? Does a certain pink puffball interest you? Well, it would be so kind of you were to join... THE OFFICIAL MELEE KIRBY SERVER!

We are a community server. We just started im tryna grow its community but i dont have a big enough group to start it im looking for people who might be interested in anime and video games and just being apart of our friend group...