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A community of Startup founders, Project owners & Early adopters. For project sharing, networking and collaboration. If you have your own project and want to share it with others in order to get some feedback, beta users, early adopters and followers

- brand new - trying to help grow the community - fun bots - friendly/chill staff - leveling - lgbtq+ friendly - supports blm - self-roles - 13-17 yr olds only hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

Jsme zbrusu nový CZ/SK server! Budeme moc rádi když se k nám přidáš a pomůžeš nám zvětšit naši komunitu! 😄

The amobro community is a youtube and chill server where you can chat, find gaming partners and self promo. we hope to see you there!

A friendly, new server for gamers. We build our community around what's popular with our members. Join us to have a chat, catch some pokemon, or game with some new friends. Genshin Impact gamers encouraged to join! Let's play together!

Welcome to VICE! We are a server which primarily discusses Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and old music mainly from the 70s and 80s. We’re pretty chill, and have very few server rules. Join today!

✨We are a Pokémon Sword and Shield community that welcomes all!✨

Welcome to Xenox City

Welcome to Terror. Studios! We're a games studio intended to make ROBLOX games for the amazing community out there! Consider coming in our server to hang out and play the games we have! You're always welcome into our friendly server!

We are a small community server with a sad aesthetic and we are dedicated to growing and expanding.

Snakker du Norsk? Har du hørt om Rorri, Dop, Stoffer og Asylmotakker? Ja da har du kommet til riktig sted. Join oss for å bli med på et utrolig eventyr.

˚ˑ༄ؘ ·˚ Here at Ababu we specialize in in keeping you comfy, happy, and social! We are a mature, friendly, and wholesome new server, with a refreshing theme of spring, and a love for anime and gaming! Come on over and join us today!

This is a small, Star Wars themed server for chilling, making friends and sharing our interests! We're just a big group of pals looking for new people to hang with. Lax moderation and a laid back atmosphere. Just don't take us too seriously. (Non-RP)

Are you a fan of the Flyers? If so, then this server if perfect for you!

This will be a gta 5 discord server for car meets and it is only on xbox one and hopefully you will like my server :)

This is a community server just for having fun. We like being together as a community and mess around with bots and games and such.