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We are fun and chill

A simple, all rounded server with no specific theme. We are into anything: - gaming - anime - memes - etc.

Small server for japanese and/or english learners to exchange languages, talk about anime, and life in general!

gaming, chats, and more!!! come join us and meet new people!

There is a server for all kinds of kinksters to talk and have fun. We have classes, photo rooms, safe spaces and even a wall of shame. So come on down and see the wonderful world of Old-Guard-BDSM.

Looking for a fun, non-toxic community to have fun in? **Look no further than the Cat Squad!** The Cat Squad is a cat/dog themed server, but if you don't like pets, we'll let you in anyways ;) It's not just pets, it's also anime, gaming, and a lot more

We literally act a fool in here

This is my brand new server where you can have fun In so many ways. You can stream, listen to music, gamble, Chat and make new friends, apply for roles, add new ideas, and play hundreds of fun games!

A currently small server looking for mods and admins. A safe environment but with NSFW chats Laid back mods Light rules Nice members and staff Giveaways coming in the future

Hello! Are you looking for a brand new ark pvp server you can help shape? Come to mine! I listen to all the members and what they want and will shape it to be the best server I can for my members. I hope to see you here!!

Welcome to my server. Here you can date or make friends There are: ~Roles ~Verification system for NSFW ~no homophobia, xenophobia, racism and sexism ~Dating section ~NSFW ~RP ~Non toxic environment (IF YOU A MAN OR STRAIGHT WOMAN

pooper 23's server

Drip is a brand new community that invites all players of all levels to come and join our discord server. We are currently small, but hope to provide a place for people to meet friends or even find other players that are at their skill level.

We created "Team Lambo $", to fill the void of "Day Trading" discord servers. We give the most 🔥fire🔥 call outs as well as insanely accurate price targets that often hit to the penny!!!!

Hello. In this server we game and chill. This isnt a toxic server and there is no racism. We play different games and are youtubers.

KFC discord server


A chill hangout server with a KFC theme