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We created "Team Lambo $", to fill the void of "Day Trading" discord servers. We give the most đŸ”„fiređŸ”„ call outs as well as insanely accurate price targets that often hit to the penny!!!!

Hello. In this server we game and chill. This isnt a toxic server and there is no racism. We play different games and are youtubers.

I hangout with my members here. This is a Roblox gaming channel where we talk about many of the games on the platform.

you yes, you stop scrolling feeling lonely and need friends? you came to the right place! in this server, we filled with cool people. what r u waiting for? come and hang out with us!

Un serveur discorde crĂ©Ă© par des bĂ©nĂ©voles, ciblĂ©s sur l’Entraide et la CrĂ©ation de serveurs Discord pour la communautĂ© francophone.

My friends server is for having people to play among us with its currently small

It is a sever with bots and good people pls join as I have no friends

Welcome to our contest! Win up to 100,000 dollars! Join our server to enter the contest!

We are a server dedicated to letting free speech be the dominate part of our legacy (as long as it's not anything extremely inappropriate). Join our server today and make new friends who love to game and talk about literally anything.

Matax is a community server based around Surge, gaming, and bot development. Come join Matax for a chill environment today!

We are a fam toghether and we want to have fun together we have lots of sepcial Emojis in our server !!! you can join and have fun !

Come have fun with us we talk about anything!!! Games anime etc

Were just a bunch of dumbasses dicking around having fun on xbox

We play games and talk