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TekiGaming.com is New to the GameServer hosting sector. We are looking to grow our discord channel.

For meeting new people and socializing through a wide range of topics and discussions. (NO NSFW)

***FTL*** 🍹***Free Thinkers Lounge 18+***🔊

Anything cannabis related is here get information and talk about cannabis products

Winterheart Hotel is a new 18+ server for both wholesome and lewd interactions with friendly people from across the globe. This is a safe space where you can express and discover things about yourself, or simply make some real good friends!

In this server, you can play with fun bots, talk to new people, listen to music, and more! It is centered around the Dank Memer bot, but has other cool bots too, and you can suggest them in our suggestions channel.

Come hang out in the gamer server and play some games with the community.

Hello everyone! I am looking for active people to talk and keep my server going! This server is for kpop fans and kdrama fans so if you are either one of those, then come join us!

A friendly smp server with great people and plugins to help your journey!

a comic server where you can hang out and share your art and read comics.

A place to chill out and have fun, we have gamertag exchanges, art lounges, rom sharing, music playing, places to vent, nsfw channels (15+), and a lot of voice lobbies and amazing staff! we are updating it very often. Be nice!

hello and welcome to the beautiful world of Pokémon! i'm Professor Turb and i wil lead you to an other place than only Myuu's adventure, youre going to a place called... Champions Road!

For the description, click!

New server intended for topics relating social media and tools to help grow platforms. Still a work in progress, join and see what happens! I am looking for someone to help me with this server and more! Thank you!

We sell services of zoom bombing (2.50$ paypal) and microsoft teams hacking (2$) enter to read more.

furry space is my and my friends project of making a safe place for furries, weebs, lgbtq and other people