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A person without conditions, our server osimyeondoemmiYou can come to our server without any conditionsWeWe love everyone.

This server is a kind of server for those who can write and speak English. So if you know English enough.You can come in! That reason i did give this server "English Discord Server" name :) Also! i will be giving "V.I.P." every week to random peoples!

Welcome to Robotika Smanisda! Enjoy this server and Support us!

We are a Rocket League server that has giveaways, events and more, you can join as a community member, casual member, competitive member, or admin.

Hello, This is Online and this is the Community Server of Online GamerTM on YouTube. We Do: Gaming Things Games Free to apply for Mod or staff We all help new people get cozy in the server! Verify and Start Enjoy!

Gaming community for Adults 18+

I've made a new server dedicated for those who need help in life or with whatever they need help with. Its a good vibe place to be with a few bots. We can have fun, talk, give advice, pretty much anything u want

Join if you want to listen to music play games meet new people have a laugh in my meme section and maybe go to our hentia section 🌚

A fun place to play games!

glitter café is an lgbtq+ safe space server. we're inclusive of all sexualities and identities.

We play mobile games like Brawl Stars, CoDm and we plan to have other games to play.

Small Creators Collective is a BIPOC & LGBTQ+ inclusive artist space for small artists to have their works promoted. Please join us!

A community for creepypasta lovers, writers and readers.

Just server where u can vibe

This server was made by a group of friends it's very friendly and not usually toxic! As long as you follow rules there won't be any issues within the server!

A server for 13 through 18 year olds to date and get to know each other better