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a really fun server with a small amount of members that has good roles good owners and nsfw channel

Welcome to the family guys! Come to the jungle and have fun! Discuss about music and art! and play among us with your friendss!

Wanna chill? This server allows you to make friends, share your common interests and just vibe.

Opalsfactions is a Minecraft Java Edition Server, We welcome our community by making sure everyone respects and follows the rules, If you have any questions we will answer them as quick as possible!

A server for people to hang out and play some games.

A fun space with an excessive amount of channels, bots and amazing people! We are a bunch of teens having a good time, with a complete inability to type and a passion for bringing each other up!

I simply made this server to chill and chat.

Here you can chat about anything!! We support everyone, this server is mostly based on Dream SMP and MCYT 💜

just looking for people to join my server its quite chill not many people right now but cant wait to grow

Fun new fresh server with different bot games and different channel topics.

We're just chill people tryna meet other gamers that will actually play. We do have an age requirement of 13+ and a small little verification process just to avoid spam, other than that, anyone can join.

TBD discord server


Dating Server for 13-18

In this server it's has been made easier to play with friends or with others in the server. We have a number game categories for to chill within.

Anime, Gamer, Skater, and Poet hangout. were open to all races and all sexualities and genders. just follow our rules and ToS and be 13+ 😀. feel free to join.

a place to make friends and play games or just to chill we do raffles and giveaways also so come join and see what prizes you might win!