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A small server for people of all kinds. Furries and LGBTQ+ members apperciated!

A brand new, yet tight, community looking to play games together and make content. Next up: Podcasts and Twitch Streaming

Hello and Welcome to all! This is a server we hope to expand as much as we can. All while enjoying our time on the BZ Resort Station, space station that is. We’re always looking for new members to join us, and don’t mind getting ‘frisky’ in the process.

A chat server that people can come to hangout and talk about games and things like that.

A place to play games! Have Fun! And, Chill with Friends!

If you like hosted roleplays and danganronpa, then you'll love this server. We put a special twist on the killing game that we all know and love. Instead of in a school, it's in a prison. Instead of ultimates, there's crimes. Want to give it a try?

This Server Has : •Nsfw 😏 •Epic RPG 🦖 •Roleplay🎎 •DankMeme🐸 •And Others 😳👌

A server for everyone, open minded and ready to be used by anyone!

This is a small server mainly for playing D&D and Jackbox, and we have a shockingly active memes channel.

Just a server made for chill vibes, listening to/making music, and talking about anime. Join if you wanna come hang with us lol

We are a group of individuals with the intention to help people understand the market and have fun trying to make a few extra dollars.

Relitivly new server only here for some chats and memes also check out our podcast :)

A community for those who want to learn or help others about investing in the stock market or real estate. We have beginner guides built to help a starting investor and chats about almost every topic where anyone in our community can answer your questions

===The Gaming Republic of Manila=== --This is a developing server, please come and join us!-- =SERVER FEATURES= ~Cool Members ~Cool Bots ~Friendly Community ~No Discrimination ~Friendly Members and much more! We hope to see you soon! ^_^

I have music bots and I have alot channels to talk in a I think you should join my server to be chill

✨ Chill & Friendly Community ✨ Active Commmunity ✨ Active & Friendly Staff ✨ Gender Roles ✨ Organized Server ✨ Looking for partners