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hangout server for the coolest of cool kids

We talk about everything here.

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

Welcome to Cascade otherwise known as "CDS". This group was founded on June of 2019 later on we accumulated quite a few members and decided to open our very own cascade official zombie escape server.

Hey there, we're a chill hang out server made for people to make friends and bond. Mostly interested in Anime, Games and more!

A Naruto themed Discord server

JadeMaps is a content provider for Minecraft Pocket/Bedrock Edition. JadeMaps create Maps, Addon, 3d/2d Animation and MORE!

Наш дружный сервер приветствует тебя. У нас есть музыкальные и развлекательные боты. Активные и адекватные участники. Будем рады если зайдёте :3 <3

San Andreas Roleplay is a FiveM based roleplay server only on PC. We focus on professionalism while having as much fun as we possibly can. We strive to be the best we possibly can and help each other out.

We are making a community where people can come make friends, chat, and find people to play together. Welcome, and I hope you have fun here!

Hey, this is a discord channel for all Barcelona Fans. There are lost of fun thing to do here! Feel free to join!

A Discord run by a Streamer but we have a lot of fun talking and sometimes playing games with viewers

Hey! we are a discord server offering a lot of services, and a great community :)

A friendly and active community. Chats to talk in, fun bots, and a place to advertise your stuff. Multiple giveaways and events each week.

Hii! We are a tight community who love new members! We usually play moviestarplanet and just hangout and chat. The people here are so cool so just join even if u dont play msp.

Free speech server for gaming and politics.