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A Fun and Friendly Community which is just starting to grow. We hope you join and have fun!

An LGBTQ+ inclusive server centered around Rifted Podcast

A server for gaming and generally fun things! Any age is allowed!

A server for chilling and meeting new people.

A fun and safe environment to learn how to coach for FREE

Welcome to Dragon (용문)! This is a language learning server. We are currently learning 3 languages. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

We are a group of sushi enthusiast.

This is a role play and hang out section! Join us, roleplay, make friends, and talk with the mods + admins! Please invite your friends! Roleplay channel closed down till finished.

Our server is new to the scene for dinosaur enthusiasts alike that play the isle or path of titans, if you would like help grow a new community that is all inclusive then please come in and say hi!

Were a chill discord looking for new members.

A community for everyone! Made with <3 by Melonie

Welcome to Harem Kingdom, We provide sauce, numbers, and all kinds of NSFW content

Do you like gaming? Well we sure do! If you like a clean, safe community of gamers this is the place to go! Hope to see you all out there in the cyber verse!

Hey there. Are you bored? Looking for a server to fill the gaping hole in your heart? Are you having an epiphany that you should make more friends? Then this server might be very cool for you. Also helps if you’re an ex amino kid lol.

A small community of Spongebob fans looking to increase its size!

Welcome to Sleepless, Were a active gaming community that's been around since 2015! Join the community today and invite your friends!