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Yes, we have Free Chegg with a low cooldown (15m) in limited time!

The NewGen is a community of dreamers who sought to learn & grow together and forge a new generation of creative and better quality society. Ofcourse, we can have endless fun, with just a little rules to avoid clashes.

Welcome to Kids Next Door! We are a very friendly gaming and social server that allows members 14+ to join and make friends. We have many different events (gaming, karaoke, tournaments, etc.).

We are an Anime and Manga Server, with a gaming category too!

We are a small server looking for staff and friends! Come join us! :)

Check out the long description!

Community server for the website https://fgcharts.com/.

We are a UK located, English speaking international gaming community.

We gamers man join and have a fun time

An RP server based on Azur Lane and Kancolle, choose a warship from the 19th century to the modern day to play as and fight the Abyssals, monsters who seek to destroy humanity.

Swag server with swag people‚ú®

This is a small server mainly for playing D&D and Jackbox, and we have a shockingly active memes channel.

A new apocalypse utopia/dystopia cities rp, play as a utopian city dweller, a dystopian city sweller or a wasteland wanderer. we have npcs, entertainment, even music! and hoping to make a great community! come join us!

Just a server made for chill vibes, listening to/making music, and talking about anime. Join if you wanna come hang with us lol

A community for those who want to learn or help others about investing in the stock market or real estate. We have beginner guides built to help a starting investor and chats about almost every topic where anyone in our community can answer your questions

I have music bots and I have alot channels to talk in a I think you should join my server to be chill