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anime server kawaii layout welcoming community emotes coming soon !! join aki cafe!

You can upload and find FiveM servers and get help from other people of the community.

Hello and Welcome to the Master/Slave RP.

Extremely Active Server for Price Errors, Freebies, Copping, Sneakers, Monitoring and much more!

Hey, this is an invitation to a highly professional chatroom. This is a server for beginners and professionals, no matter your financial status.

Largest food server with a mix of gaming and music. Talk and make new friends. Friendly and inclusive community since 2018.

this server is drama free, lgbtq+, race, gender, and interest accepting, and very supportive. having a bad day? join the server and we'll make it better with jokes and advice. click join now and we promise we won't let you down <3

This Server Has A Brilliant Lua Scripter In It That Makes Only The Best Grand Piece Online Scripts

Team Bionic is an aspiring eSports team. Bionic is both a casual and competitive team, with a well designed discord and structured server.

The Among Us Clan is an awesome server where you can chill, chat and also play Among Us! Help us reach 50 members!

We like to play among us, rainbow six, sea of theives, mostly any games. We are currently trying to grow so you stopping by would be awesome!

Welcome to Protective Patriarchy, a place where men are in charge and women are submissive. This server focuses on two things: promoting the kink of Misogyny while also having discussion areas focused on those learning about the kink.

A Slowly growing completely SFW community

It's a place to hang out buy severs and chat to others its also for my YT but yeah 12+

wanna make new friends or just chat? join C H A O S! we play games and just have fun!