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The.TREEHOUSE is a server where we talk about everything from games to memes. We just hang out and have a good time, so join us, will ya?

Hello! Trying to build a small community of Rainbow 6 Siege Players, Casual and ranked.

~~Zodiac Signs is a new server focused on astrology~~ We offer: -Welcoming staff -QOTD -Text channels to chat in -completely sfw server Join today!

We game, send memes and more in this fun server

Hi! We just want people to talk in here, and have a good time. We have loads of channels. I've been trying to grow my server from scratch, but people keep leaving. Sad times.. Please help grow my community! Only 15 users in it at the time of writing this.

Looking for a place to meet new friends? This server is all about finding friends, sharing builds and ideas and more! We have a wide variety of topics and we always take suggestions from the community!

we have a lot of topics to talk bout, and a great server to get to know new people

This server is a small and a new server for people between ages 13-18 we have mostly all categories there and you can talk about anything !!!

Hey there! If you're ever bored and you're looking for something to do. Here we have many things for you to do and have fun here!

Welcome to offline! This server is a place to come to when you want to hang out with friendly users! Our community is really chill and not toxic at all, thank you for your interest in us and we hope to see you soon!!

We are a gaming family and we embrace all the challenges and games together.

A political server based of a monarchy and a Mongol conquered Middle East

Hello! Welcome to the Winter Palace! This is a chill, winter-themed server where you can make friends and more!

Struggling stock trading? Come here and change the way you trade today.

GenZ Role Play© Is a GTA5 FiveM RolePlay server that's dedicated to make a good environment for players to RP.

Too Dark is a slow-paced horror game, made by Xx_Neokore! The game is currently in early development and bugs will occur